12Amber’s Triple Monkey – More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys?

12Amber’s Triple Monkey – More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys?

People go to online casinos to enjoy and win—sometimes, it’s not in that order, but that’s basically two of the reasons they have for playing. Slot machines are vastly popular games where people can have a great time and feel like they’re not playing games just for the sake of it.

One popular reel where people are reeling in big money is the 12BET Triple Monkey. It has everything that a person looking to win big is searching for—re-spins, top win x1000, and more. But let’s take a closer look at the deliciously wild reel, shall we?

The Graphics

A first look at the Monkey reels will remind you that it’s okay to go to the beach sometime. This is shrewd on the part of Triple Monkey, playing on the pining of people for the beach. It’s simple enough to play with and the controls are easy to navigate.

The graphics on the reels are great, too. You have the monkeys, the coconuts, the palm, and the sun. The prizes can be seen to the side and are easy to figure out too, which is a plus.

The Gameplay

Like most slot machines, Triple Monkey is rather generous with the payout. You should aim to get the Triple Monkey, which is worth x300. As for the others, Triple Sun will net you x200, Triple Palms gets you x100, Three Coconuts is worth x50, Three Bananas is x25, while 3Bar, 2Bar, and 1Bar are worth x15, x10, and x5, respectively.

If you’re lucky enough, you could aim to fill all the reels with Monkeys. This multiplies your wager by 1000. It’s not that hard to spin them too; at any time, you can get the lower bracketed multipliers just by randomly spinning, so it’s not hard to win.

Final Thoughts

If you’re too stressed, a few spins of this 12BET slots get you right back on your feet. It’s not one of the games that will mesmerize you for hours on end; it’s a game you want to play for relaxation and if you want distraction from your stress-filled life. Try out Triple Monkey if you want to concentrate on the wins and rack up spin after spin.


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