12Topaz’ Alpha and the Red Hood – A New Twist on a Classic

12Topaz’ Alpha and the Red Hood – A New Twist on a Classic

If you’ve ever wanted to find yourself playing the classic retelling of a story, here’s your chance. The chance lies with the casino online slot machine Alpha and the Red Hood, a great take on the old-time story. GamePlay Studio made sure they combined a re-telling of this classic with everything you’d expect of an online slot machine.

The motive has been remade to fit modern storytelling while playing for money. Is it a good mix, however, one that deserves your attention? Here’s what we think.

The Importance of Elements

If you’re going to look for muskets, arrows, and anything to combat the big bad wolf with, you’re not going to find that here. What you’ll see instead are many futuristic elements like blasters and other items from modern times. Try to think of it as a steampunk retelling, though, if you’d like to stick with the classics.

There are robotic monsters here, not to mention the Alpha Wolf, but he’s a character you’d want to meet up with.

The Alpha Wolf, Among Others

The Alpha Wolf is a Wild symbol in this game, which is fitting for his nature. There are also Scatter symbol here, which can give you 8 free spins and some potentially great payouts along the way. If you manage to encounter the Wolf six or more times, though, you’ll be granted 8 jackpot spins.

During the Jackpot, you’re going to have to make the most of making the Alpha Wolf appear. Each symbol of his pays out x50 of your bet, which is a great way to make more money in this 12BET classic.

What We Think of the Bets

Is it really good? The bets start at a minimum amount of 0.05 up to 8 credits. That’s as much as you’d go, but if you’re going to play, expect a flood of lucky spins to happen. If you leave it on auto-spin, you might lose more money, but sometimes, great things happen during these spins. We were lucky enough to stumble on six Wolves on the way to a Jackpot during these auto-spins.

Hunting the Wolf

Should you hunt the Wolf? The basic question here is—why shouldn’t you? Alpha and the Red Hood is an excellent addition to the 12Topaz collection of online slots. If you choose this and you expect to win big, just remember to bet as small as you can and try to land the Wolves.


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