A 12BET Review Series: Revisiting the Stacked 12Amber Online Slot Review

A 12BET Review Series: Revisiting the Stacked 12Amber Online Slot Review

Stacked is one of a series of new online casino games from Betsoft Gaming, found under the 12Amber banner. It deals with how Magicians always keep their secrets well-hidden under their sleeves, aside from giving big prizes while winning.

You may have seen the earlier 12Amber review done on this slot, but it can’t hurt to re-visit this once again. Take a look at how this online slot could become a part of your to-play list once more and see which promos you can also partake while playing this excellent online game from Betsoft Gaming.

Stacked is All About…

If you’re going to ask what this online slot machine is all about, it’s about the smoke and mirrors of reel-life magicians. The slot itself possesses 4 reels along with 20 pay lines to create your money. It has your standard features like a Quick Bet panel, the Spin button, and an Autoplay function.

This slot is quite informative and has four major features: the Secret Trick, which gives you a random number of face-down mystery cards that can increase your chances at a jackpot; Fix the Trick, which will give you a x3 multiplier depending on some symbols.

Last but not the least, you get the Mystery Box Wilds, which can hit anywhere on these reels, as well as the Sleight of Hand feature, where the reels can be nudged to produce another symbol for a win.

More Free Spins Under These Sleeves

If you aren’t familiar yet, 12Amber can be quite generous with the Free Spins. If you’ve seen other casino online betting sites then you’ll know that they can be a bit stingy with the free spins, but not 12BET. You’ll get as much as 400 free spins.

You only need to fill in your valid details at the 12Amber promotions web page. Spin as much as you can in 12Amber and/or 12Quartz clubs from Monday to Sunday. You need to keep spinning, because you’ll be credited additional free spins on a Tuesday, depending on how much money you put into your 12BET account.

More Than Smoke and Mirrors

This casino game belongs with the very best of 12BET live casino games and other online casino reels. If you’ll look only at the RTP of 96.39% and the bet cap of x664.3, these alone can help you decide whether you’ll play this online slot or not.


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