A 12Emerald Funky Monkey Review—Should You Dig This Reel, Man?

A 12Emerald Funky Monkey Review—Should You Dig This Reel, Man?

Before, we’ve had bands that were named after monkeys. You’ve got The Monkees. As you guessed it, this served as the inspiration behind 12BET’s Funky Monkey, a 20-payline progressive reel from Realtime Gaming. It’s got the familiar features like Wilds, Scatters, and multipliers that slot players will love.

That doesn’t mean that it automatically belongs to the top tier of the online slot world. Here’s a few properties we’re going to use to judge this online game—from the graphics to the prizes that it gives players for hitting the mark.

Landing the Bonuses on the Reels

Landing the bonuses is simple—you just have to be really, really lucky. If you’d rather have a strategy, then target the symbols “Funky” and “Monkey”. Landing this on the 1st and 5th reel, respectively, gives you anywhere from 12 to 15 Free spins. More chances to land the higher paying symbols.

On the other hand, there’s a 1x multiplier for people searching for a quick fix. Free spins should give you double-digit wins, and a lot of those could be your ticket to the big time. There’s a lot of these symbols to land, so you better get rolling.

Do the Graphics Land It?

Have you given the 12Emerald online casino slot’s graphics a good, long look? The theme is that of monkeys posing as musicians. The reels look psychedelic and the ‘Funky’ suddenly means that this game is probably set during the 80s. It should be a hit for people who thought of that era as the best time of their lives, but the bonuses and the payouts should make it a hit for fans of casual reels.

Landing the Bonuses as a Promotion

If you’re playing in 12BET, then lucky you, because you’re entitled to a nice bonus! All you have to do is to make a deposit or transfer from your wallet to your 12Emerald wallet. Once that is done, you have to key in “SLOT40” as a bonus code. Simply wait for a short while and watch as the bonus amount is credited into your Playtech account.

An Abundance of Wealthy Symbols

To be frank, this slot will appeal players who want to play casually or aren’t big-game hunters. But if you’re looking for casino slots online with an abundance of progressive jackpot symbols, this is the game for you. Strive to make the most out of these symbols and you’re going to take home a small fortune in no time at all.


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