A 12Emerald Series: Conquering Empires with Pride of Persia Empire Treasures

A 12Emerald Series: Conquering Empires with Pride of Persia Empire Treasures

There are many great kingdoms in Ancient antiquity. You have the Greek and the Roman empires, but there is also a lot to talk about the Persian Empire, the main focus of the 12BET casino game Pride of Persia Empire Treasures. This is another slot that makes use of the Empire Treasures feature.

Take a look at this online slot and see it for what it really is—another excellent online slot from Playtech. We’ll be weighing this said excellence through the review of this online slot game’s features such as the bonuses embedded by the developer, as well as jackpots from the 12BET platform.

The Basic Appearance of This Playtech Slot

This is one of Playtech’s online slot machine games which feature 5 reels but added to that is 4 rows and 1,024 ways to win as well. You also have to create matching symbols or Wilds with the symbols lining up 3 to 5 at a time.

At a 95.99% RTP clip, you’re looking at winnings that is worth 600x your total stake. You also have the benefit of three bonus features in the coin-picking mini game Pick Me, the Free Spin-giving Free Games, and the randomly triggered Empire Treasures Jackpot.

Claim Your Bonuses Now!

If you’re playing in Playtech casino sites such as 12BET for the first time, then you have a chance at a DUAL Welcome Bonus! 12BET offers players a 100% and 120% bonus just for playing at their Playtech section. This, added to your jackpot from the game—whatever amount it is—is hard to resist.

You can make a deposit or transfer an amount from your Sportsbook wallet into your 12Emerald club account. You can then use the SLOT100 or SLOT120 bonus code from the promo page, but remember that you should use the 100% bonus first to avail the 120% bonus

The Verdict—Traverse the Empire of Persia?

This 12Emerald casino game benefits from the number of features that the developers have built into it. If those don’t work to give you your jackpots, then the bonuses from 12BET might suffice. Overall, it’s a great slot machine to play whether you’re just beginning or you’re already playing for a long time.


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