A Proper New Year’s Celebration–Jackpots and Dance with 12Topaz’ deadmau5

A Proper New Year’s Celebration–Jackpots and Dance with 12Topaz’ deadmau5

From the ancient, we go to the modern with Microgaming Asia’s licensed offering. The developer prides itself on creating magnificent slot machines once granted a peek into the IP of a franchise, and that’s what happened when deadmau5 decided to collaborate to produce a party on the reels.

The online slot looks great enough and an online casino representation of what happens during parties hosted by the famous DJ. Take a look at how this online slot mixes its basic scene with the different features heaped on it by both the developer and the 12BET platform.

A Trademark Trademarked Offering from Microgaming

With this online slot, it appears that the slot machine game developer has outdone itself yet again. There’s a lot to like with this online slot, just like there’s something to like with its other online slot machine games under the Jurassic Park and WWE franchises.

The deadmau5 icons are basic at best; you have the Wild symbol, which triggers a win as it substitutes for all symbols. The other basic symbol is the Scatter, 3 or more of which can trigger 25 free spins. Landing the two is already a good strategy if you want to maximize your wins.

Earning Cashbacks Even Without a Win

Even if you’re on a losing streak on the reels, there’s still something for you to enjoy at 12BET. What’s a 12BET review without information about promos? You can enjoy a 0.6% slot games cashback just by playing under the Slot Games Cashback Upgrade promo!

All you need to make sure is that you’re an active player in any participating 12BET club. You can win a cashback from as low as 0.4% to as high as 0.6%. You should only fill up the promo page with your valid details, then press on “SUBMIT” to confirm participation. Remember to bet as much as you can during the promo period in any slot game under the participating clubs!

A Good Time

Playing the deadmau5 Microgaming machine is a must for any music fan. It’s a must-have for any 12Topaz casino sites simply because of its impressive soundtrack, overall gameplay, and the Wild and rolling reels. Play it for the cashback and stay for the impressive wins!


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