A Review Re-visit: Taking on The Odds in 12Crystal’s Rock Paper Scissors Arcade Classic

A Review Re-visit: Taking on The Odds in 12Crystal’s Rock Paper Scissors Arcade Classic

Do you remember when you were younger, and you played for some jackpot casino players didn’t bother to chase after? That’s the feeling that 12Crystal’s Rock Paper Scissors gives you. It’s an arcade classic game that brings you back to simpler days when all you were after was the bragging rights of knowing your opponent’s choices.

12BET has already reviewed this game before, but it can’t hurt to review how it compares with live casino slots out there. Take a look once again at this Gameplay Interactive product and see what you can win, as well as what jackpots can be had outside of the casino floor.

Gauging the Rock-Paper-Scissors Experience

The game is a lot of fun if you’re going to focus on the simplicity and the goals that are in front of you. It’s a great game to play if you’re also looking for a more laidback experience. There’s a ‘showdown’ in this game the developers have put in to perhaps give it a different dimension.

If you’re a skilled player, then you have a slight chance to predict what will come next—rock, paper, or scissors. Some players have argued that it also takes pure luck to predict what symbol will come next, but this is a fair game. It’s random to the point that the results are really unpredictable.

First Time?

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The Mechanics—Is This Game Worth it?

Basically, this is an online casino game where rock crushes scissors cuts paper wraps rock. It’s a cycle that’s worth entering your 12BET login for. Try this game out and see for yourself if it’s one game you’d come back for!


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