A Thrilling Path to the Jackpots Playing 12Opal’s Rumpel-Thrill-Spins

A Thrilling Path to the Jackpots Playing 12Opal’s Rumpel-Thrill-Spins

The classic Rumpelstiltskin bedtime story features the titular character in a situation that’s less than heroic. He did grant the childless princess a chance at love and life, but the methods he had, and the exchange was less than benevolent.

See now how this story could work in your favor. Rumpelstiltskin might be an evil creature, but he might be good this time around—although it’s up to you to help the couple and their child escape his clutches. Win jackpots through promos and lining up his symbols as well! Without any more delays, let’s take a look at this online slot machine.

But First, Let Me See the Promo

Just like Rumpelstiltskin, you’d most probably prefer to see which promos are available for Genesis Gaming casinos players. Fortunately, there’s a 100% bonus for you when you play on 12BET! See what the club tied to the developers—12Opal—has in store for you.

All you have to do is to create a fresh deposit and select the Casino Club of your choice. You should click on “CLAIM NOW” if you have deposited into your account and fill in the deposit slip. Once that’s done, check your account for the bonus. It will be credited instantly upon a successful transaction.

Now On to the Show

If you’re tasked with turning straw into gold, who are you going to call? Most certainly (but it’s a bad idea) it would be Rumpelstiltskin. The creature is a multiplier on what could be one of Genesis Gaming’s best online slot games. There are other multipliers on the reels as well.

A special Wild is one of the features you have on the online slot. In this reel, it’s what may presumably be a Gold Necklace made from the straws that you have turned into gold. The Spinning Wheel is also on reel 1, and it’s also one of the many features of this game. You could also possibly end up getting 1000x your initial bet if you’re lucky.

Where the Thrill Comes In

The theme it used for the online slot machine may be too cheesy, but if you’ll look at it, it has a decent mechanic. The graphics are good enough and the RTP, set at 96.10%, is felt on the reels. It may just be a great 12BET download to take home or on the road.


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