Betsoft Classics: A Christmas Look at 12Amber’s Miles Bellhouse Curious Machine Plus

Betsoft Classics: A Christmas Look at 12Amber’s Miles Bellhouse Curious Machine Plus

There are Christmas cartoons bearing the visage of different sci-fi themes. A popular sci-fi trope is the use of robots to fight or to trade, and that’s what you’re going to get in Miles Bellhouse and the Curious Machine Plus, an online slot running on the 12Amber software.

Take a look at this online slot and see whether you’d want a little sci-fi in your casino game. Try out the 12BET link and see if there’s something that appeals to you. We’ll get started with looking at the basics of this game, as well as what bonuses there are for you to try out.

Some Features and Basics of the Curious Machine

The Curious Machine possesses some qualities of the steam-punk heavy Miles Bellhouse series. This slot machine also appears to be following the premise of The Time Machine—you have features like the Curious Machine free spins, which includes Dinosaur symbols and other icons that remind you of time travel.

There’s a vortex symbol on the reels, which is a Wild icon. You also have various characters like Gizmo the Robot, General Traytor, the Control Panel, a City, and the Blue Prints of the said Curious Machine. All of these appears on a 5-reel, 25 pay line online slot machine.

Feeling the Great Welcome of 12BET

If you’re going on a risky, time-traveling caper, you’d best have plans to put up an investment in jackpots. Try this out courtesy of 12BET’s 100% Welcome Bonus promo! 12Amber club, which houses the Betsoft gaming slots in the casino platform, is also included in this promo.

You need only to make a fresh deposit to the Casino club of your choice. You can then click on the CLAIM NOW button and fill up the deposit slip. The bonuses you so seek will be credited instantaneously once your deposit into your club wallet is confirmed.

The Verdict of this 12Amber Slot

While there are a lot of other 12Amber software games available on the market, the Miles Bellhouse series—like Miles Bellhouse and The Gears of Time, for instanceseems to be there with the best of them. If you’ve got a liking for fantasy themed slots and the steampunk genre, then head over to 12BET and play Miles Bellhouse and the Curious Machine!


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