Betsoft Classics: Celebrate the New Year in 12Amber’s Mr. Macau

Betsoft Classics: Celebrate the New Year in 12Amber’s Mr. Macau

Out of all the popular places in Asia to hold celebrations in, Macau stands out as a great destination for such occasions whatever the season is. During the New Year, this subject of one of the best online slots casino is a well-traveled-to tourist destination.

Mr. Macau may possibly belong to a list of the best Betsoft slots online, but let’s take a closer look at it. As always, with any 12BET review, we’re going to see whether the combination of developer features in combination with 12BET promos makes it a slot you shouldn’t miss.

RTP, Symbols, and Features Galore

There are a lot of things that players would come to love with Mr. Macau. Aside from reminding them of the famous casino and vacation destination, it also gives them the chance to win as much as the 97.07% RTP will allow them. There’s a possible chance of a win coming in frequent spins.

Not many casino slot machines offer Stickys but this is one that counts itself among that crowd. Players will have the chance to enjoy that—and Re-Spins as well—from this 12Amber casinos slot. The Sticky Wilds are an especially important tool to escaping with as much money as you can.

Getting Yours with the Weekly Spins

12BET is famous for its promos and you’d get as much as you can give with the Weekly Rewards promos! All you need to be is an active casino online slot machine player. This is open to all club members who are frequent players at the 12Amber and 12Quartz platforms.

You only need to deposit into your club wallet to join in on the fun. A possible 200 Free Spins can be yours if you fill in your valid details at the promo page, then click “SUBMIT” when you’re done. You should spin your Free Spins from Monday to Sunday, as they will be credited every Tuesday.

Our Verdict

Betsoft Gaming has been outstanding in making sure that the online slots community will enjoy this slot. It could turn out to be one of the better online slot machines in 12BET Asia because of its features, but do try it out whether you’re a casual or a long-time slots player!


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