Betsoft Classics: Have a New Year’s Blast with the 12Amber Game Carnaval Forever

Betsoft Classics: Have a New Year’s Blast with the 12Amber Game Carnaval Forever

The New Year’s celebrations are only beginning, and it will take some time to ease into the New Year. Some people prefer to celebrate it their own way, while others play slot casino games like Carnaval Forever to have the feeling of winning first thing in the New Year.

As is usual with any decent review, we’re going to dissect this online slot machine and see what makes it tick with players. We’re going to take a look at it through a combination of the features that 12BET has packaged with it, as well as those that come from the developers.

Great Features Brought Onboard

The Carnaval, interestingly enough, was brought into Brazil by Portuguese settlers who initially had it designed to be a food fest. It quickly turned into the version we all know and love. As for this online reel, it’s a festival of jackpots with its 10 payline design and 96.22% rating.

There are five high-paying icons you could build strategies in this game. The symbols are 3x to 50x worth, with the King and the Ace symbols worth 5x and 150x respectively, and the Carnaval King, Queen, and Dancers worth 20, 500, and 750x.

Getting Your Weekly Rewards from 12BET

There are other rewards you can spin from here, but the best perhaps is the one that you win free of charge. Join in on the fun with the Weekly Reward spins from 12BET! You can get this from the platform, especially if you’re one of their loyal and active players.

It’s not hard to do so considering the many fine choices they have from participating clubs 12Amber and 12Quartz. All you have to do is submit your details in the promo page. Once you’ve done that, you should spin as much as you can when playing Betsoft casino games. You should finish your spins every Tuesday.

A Last Word

It’s hard to find a fault in a game like this. It could even turn out to be one of 12Amber’s best slots, depending on how lucky you deem yourself to be. Play Carnaval Forever either as a casual or a veteran and join in on the fun!


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