Betsoft Specials: Conquer Your Riches with 12Amber’s Viking Age

Betsoft Specials: Conquer Your Riches with 12Amber’s Viking Age

Viking culture has gained a lot of coverage as of late because of how it’s been presented on TV and in the movies. During the Viking Age, tribes would pillage villages on the coast and make away with riches in both manpower and money. That’s also the gist of 12Amber’s Viking Age.

In this 30-payline online video slot machine, you’ve got the Viking symbols like the longboat and the Scandinavian maiden. That’s not all we’re going to take a look at here; aside from the obvious jackpots, we’re also going to take a look at this online slot’s promos and other freebies to excite the senses.

Taking A Closer Look at the Viking Age

The Viking era-themed video slot features well-loved mechanics such as the Maiden as the Scatter and some Bonus symbols. Players can select the number of play lines as well as adjust how much they wager. Most of the symbols are reminiscent of Viking culture, making this one of the most culturally complete 12BET slots as well.

The play varies from player to player. There are those who swear by its ability to give them the 243 ways to win its promises, but there are those who find the action lacking. There was a time when, in our gameplay, the money that came back wasn’t promising, but it does vary.

Winning The Bonuses like a Viking

When you play in 12BET, you’re at least guaranteed of a win with the bonuses, and playing 12Amber’s Viking Age is no different! Getting started in the 12Amber casinos is easy if you’re looking forward to a 100% bonus win or lose, only from 12BET!

You only need to make a fresh deposit into the casino account of your choice—in this case, 12Amber. Click on the “CLAIM NOW” button and fill in your details when asked. You’ll be instantly credited the bonus after you processed your deposit. It’s that easy!

Is It for Advanced Players?

Speaking from experience, not everyone will like the Viking Age. If you’re one of the many players, however, who aren’t picky of your online casino games, you’re going to enjoy your time playing this awesome game. Take a look at the many other options that can only be found at 12BET!


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