Betsoft Specials: Looking at the Wind and 12Amber’s Thai Blossoms

Betsoft Specials: Looking at the Wind and 12Amber’s Thai Blossoms

If there are the Japanese cherry blossoms, then there’s a Thai Blossom. It’s one of the offerings of casinos with 12Amber games as well as one of the better casino games on 12BET. The theme is patterned after—you guessed it—the Thai blossoms that bloom during spring.

Take a look at how this game could become one of the best on your list of slot machines to play in the 12BET platform. We’re going to review what makes this game irresistible to spinners, as well as take a look at the different promos courtesy of getting something like a 12Amber account or a 12BET registration.

A Clear Look at the Blossoming Thailand Experience

We’ve seen just how online slots manage to give a really fictional account of a place; fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Thai Blossoms. Betsoft is known for their excellent research on certain subjects, and this online slot machine is no different.

It’s a slot that caters more to people who are easily swayed by visually-stunning online slot machines than those looking for a jackpot. It has a potential of 922x your bet, but it’s also still new. There might be features added to it aside from the Elephant Scatters and the Flower Wild.

Fridays are for Free Spins

Is it a Friday today? If so, then it is a day for players to enjoy 1,212 lucky free spins! It’s a great day to also play online casino games at the 12BET platform. There are different online slot machines to play here and each of them is as excellent as the next.

If you’re lucky enough after you’ve logged on during a Friday, you’ll know immediately that you have a free spin to play with. These lucky free spins don’t last, though—they also run out on the next Friday. So make the most out of them and play in 12BET’s casinos when you win!

The Thai Blossom Experience

Betsoft is known for making online slot machines like Thai Blossoms and they’ve done it again. While it doesn’t seem to be a game for high-stakes players, you can instead try it out through some of Betsoft’s free slots online or log into the 12BET casinos to play for real!


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