Betsoft’s Scary Halloween Treats Extended in 12Amber Games!

Betsoft’s Scary Halloween Treats Extended in 12Amber Games!

For some people, every is Halloween. There are some online slot machines on 12BET that caters to that thinking. Why, there are even Betsoft slots that people can play which tend to lean towards Halloween and the scary fun of the season. While the date itself may be over, the feeling certainly isn’t.

Take a look at some online slots casino games and get ready to spin for your life in 12Amber’s Halloween promo! We’re going to take a look at some choice selections and see up until when we can get down for some scary Halloween fun!

Some of the Extended Treats

The way it all works is this—there are certain participating games under the 12Amber club, but to play, you should be a member of Betsoft’s gaming platform in 12BET. It’s got quite the extensive online casino games list. Once you’ve chosen a game, you have to bet a minimum of 2 credits or 35 (depending on currency) to play.

There are rounds here that the top 25 players are selected. These will be judged based on the ‘highest turnover’ of points. The winners’ scores will be summed up, and this will determine what rank of prize they’ll be receiving. There’s quite the amount of prizes here as well.

What Mischievous Games Take Part?

The promotion used to last until the 31st of October—Halloween itself—but then, even in November, the lingering spirit of Halloween is in effect. The games taking part from the 12Amber online casinos do feature scary fun like Under the Bed, Franken Slots Monster, Wolf Moon Rising, and Monster Pop.

You also have some of your classics. There are games like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Blood Eternal, Mystic Hive, Book of Darkness, and House of Fun that gives you a bit of seriousness you’re craving for—well, except House of Fun, that is. If you love some minor scare in your games, then you’ll love this promotion.

What Else to Look Forward To in 12BET?

You can bet that the 12BET platform will think of promotions to fit right into the season. Obviously enough, you can expect that there’s going to be something to look forward to with the Christmas season just around the corner. But if you haven’t had the time to join in on the Halloween festivities up until now, then here’s your chance at 12BET!


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