Celebrate the Year of the World Cup with 12Sapphire’s Wild Cup

Celebrate the Year of the World Cup with 12Sapphire’s Wild Cup

The World Cup qualifiers are heating up and the teams are starting to make their presence felt through drawings for their respective groups. Celebrate this Skywind betting slot by playing it and celebrate the arrival of the WC2022 in 12Sapphire’s Wild Cup!

It could have been made to commemorate a World Cup or to take advantage of the craze generated by one. Nevertheless, does it live up to the idea of Wild Cup slots being a hat-trick monster in prizes? We’re going to take a look at that, as well as any basic controls and betting ranges for this online slot.

The Wild Cup—Basics and Features

You’re toeing a 25-line slot here which is a feature rich soccer-themed slot as well. The games here don’t try to hide that it’s somewhat inspired by World Cups past and future. You can pass the ball for a jackpot and score in a penalty shootout for a fat bonus.

As far as extra features are concerned, there’s a Yellow Card here with a special function as it can turn football players Wild. The slot machine also gives you a genuine feeling of football matches—it has a gamble functionality, where you can try to predict the result of a match to win bigger prizes.

Winning a Hat-Trick with the 0.6% Slots Cashback Upgrade

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Full-Time for the Football Slot

Honestly, the only thing that’s not to like in this 12Sapphire casino slot is the RTP, which stands at 94.38%. Everything else meshes brilliantly to give the player a nice time on the slots. If other online slots or football-themed games is your choice, though, then feel free to look at 12BET’s excellent collection of slot machine games!


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