Daily Wins Cashout–Revisiting the Magnificence of 12Quartz’ Power of Thor Megaways

Daily Wins Cashout–Revisiting the Magnificence of 12Quartz’ Power of Thor Megaways

The Scandinavians put stock into the god for Thor, a god after which Thursdays are named after. The Power of Thor Megaways casino slot has been reviewed for 12BET, but this is a look into the Daily Wins version of the game. Yes, there is still a Daily Wins promo exclusive to the online slot platform.

Let’s take a look at this promo and see how it can make Thor Megaways a member of the Pragmatic Play best slots club. Just in case you wanted to find out, we’re also going to take a look at some features in this slot. This covers the Megaways mechanic, as well as the 12BET promos.

The Daily Wins Wonderland Promo Regular Version

There are no shortage of features in 12BET’s promo slots whether from developers or from the casino developer itself. The Daily Wins continues with the Gates of Riches promo, which is from Feb 17 to March 24. Enjoy a wealth of prizes you only thought possible during the holidays!

You have two options—the Gates of Riches Tournament or the Gates of Riches Cash Drop. If you’ve played the promos from the Chinese New Year celebrations or the holidays, you’ll know how these operate. Basically, you spin your best single highest spin amount, and you’re free to choose from the two.

The Bonus Features in Combination with the Daily Wins

If you’ve played Power of Thor Megaways before, you’ll know that there is plenty of features in this Daily Win slot. The Thor’s Hammer icon is Wild, and there’s also a feature patterned after it. The Hammer symbol can give you Wild reels, although it doesn’t offer payouts.

There are Free Spins and Tumbles in this 12Quartz games slot as well. The Tumble feature removes winning symbols to give way for other icons. The Free Spins, meanwhile, are triggered by Scatter letters that spell the name THOR. You’ll be given the chance to spin a wheel and gamble or win multipliers through free spins that you receive.

As Always, Focus on the Daily Wins

Thor’s Hammer could use some work on the max win potential, which is pretty hard to get. The developers of the 12BET Asia slot made up for it by increasing the variance and the multipliers, though. If this isn’t the Megaway slot for you, you could try to find the right one at 12BET!


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