Discover the Jackpot Behind the Strange Slot of 12Amber’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Discover the Jackpot Behind the Strange Slot of 12Amber’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The strange case of Jekyll and Hyde is one of the many literary classics that have been reused in other content. In the case of BetSoft casinos, this online slot machine based on Louis Stevenson’s story of a man and a monster has become one of the developers best graphically inducing slot machines.

The story of a man investigated by an old friend should be good for jackpots when turned into a casino slot. Knowing that a lot of these are hit and miss, we’re going to take a look whether this online casino slot turns into a beast in the hands of an experienced player.

Promos from the 12BET platform

Did you know that this game is one of the many games that can be played with bonuses under the 12BET platform? Play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and you get the chance to win an extra jackpot outside of the casino slot machine! You can play from October 1 up until October 31, Halloween itself.

All you have to do to qualify is to bet a minimum of 34 credits. The game operates per round, where 25 players are selected from the rest. These are based on the highest turnover of scores. The players with the best scores from the participating slots are all summed up and that decides the position of the players.

Become Familiar with the Story of Man and Beast

There are 30 paylines and 5 reels to navigate in this online slot machine, not to mention a jackpot of 24,000 coin. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde has an average RTP of about 96%; those are good odds, and any adept player can create wins around that percentage. 

This slot has a chance to become one of the best slots in the 12Amber casinos because of what you stand to wager. You can bet from 0.60 to about 150 per spin. It has a lot of bonus features as well, but the most important symbols you have to remember are Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, the cop, the golden keyhole and key, the mansion, and the logo of the game itself.

Does it Pay Well?

If you are a beginner or a casual player, then you can go ahead and play this slot. It’s a perfect 12BET casino slot to play if you’re not looking for a big win. As always, BetSoft didn’t cut corners when designing this game’s graphics.


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