Earn Dragon Ball Incentives in 12BET’s Dragon Tournament

Earn Dragon Ball Incentives in 12BET’s Dragon Tournament

In ancient myths, the dragon can either be a destructive force of nature or a benevolent aid to praying individuals. Prayers for success and the jackpot in online casino games may be answered after all when you play in 12BET’s Dragon Tournament, the premier competition for experienced casino players.

If you’re on the go, you should check out the online casino app that’s available for download on mobile phones whether Android or iOS. But let’s take a further look at the Tournament and what players can win through these, and what games are participating in the Tournament.

Becoming Really Successful

The Tournament is called thus because only the best spinners and gamblers stand a chance to really do get more wins. To participate, players should have at least a credit turnover of around 20,400. That entitles them to collect Dragon Balls, the currency of the ‘realm’ the tournament exists in.

There are some tasty prizes to win when you participate in this tournament available to 12BET’s most loyal and even casual players. From a collection of Free Bets to the latest and most opulent gadgets, 12BET’s made it worth your while to play and compete with your fellow high-stakes players!

The Dragon’s in the Details

If you’re wagering, you should check out any of the 12BET Asia games you like, but under specific VIP accounts. You should know that clubs from Phoenix up to Dragon are eligible to play. If you haven’t upgraded your account yet, then you should make sure to do so immediately. 

The higher you bet, the more Dragon Balls you get. Any wager of 20,400 credits up makes you eligible to play for the prize draw by way of receiving 1 Dragon Ball (for the minimum wager). The Winners will be announced on the 12th of February. It’s totally not too late to try for the prize here!

What Are You Waiting For?

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s totally the time to check out the slots online review for your favorite online slot machines and the verdicts for your live casino choices. But don’t forget—you’re playing for the Dragon Balls now. Get your accounts updated and hurry up to cash in on your good luck!


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