Enjoy a Smackdown in Jackpots Playing 12Topaz’ WWE Legends: Link & Win

Enjoy a Smackdown in Jackpots Playing 12Topaz’ WWE Legends: Link & Win

A lot of people nowadays would be interested to watch at least one WWE roadshow. Many would remember where they were when Undertaker was defeated finally at Wrestlemania, or when Stone Cold Steve Austion won the WWE Championship. Relive those moments with the W Legends slot online!

No doubt, a lot of people like WWE and content related to it, but what makes people flock to this online slot? By using your  12BET login, you should be able to observe things like the basics of this online slot machine. But let’s do this 12BET review to see what different bonuses people can get, both from 12BET and the developer of the game itself.

Playing on a Friday? 

There are many days where people can play in 12BET but Fridays are held special. Take the time to complete Friday games and unlock the 1212 Lucky Winners promo! All you need to do is to play during Fridays. There will be 1212 lucky free spinners who will get these and more if they play!

You simply have to log on during a Friday. With luck, the system should pick you and notify you right away about your spins. Click on the notification to receive your free spins. Do remember that you have to be an active player to be picked and that you have to use the free spins before Friday ends.

Winning is Like Getting the Championship

This is one of the best 12Topaz slots to have ever come out of the software developer. It gives you different symbols that do their counterpart real-life character’s wrestling move. Being a WWE slot with characters like the late great Eddie Guerrero means more chances to win big prizes!

You also get your pick of different bonuses between your standard Free Spins, the Hyperspins, and the Link & Win feature tied with this series. The latter stands out because you get the chance to end up getting the Champion jackpot. This gives you a 5000x multiplier on your bet.

Worth a Few Broken Ribs and a Busted Knee?

If you want to play a great officially licensed Microgaming casino slot, then you’ll have your fill of excitement playing this Microgaming slot. You only need to remember that there are many features here that all Microgaming slots share, but that isn’t a bad thing in itself.


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