Enjoy Lucky Free Spins at 12BET’s Alpha and the Red Hood

Enjoy Lucky Free Spins at 12BET’s Alpha and the Red Hood

Alpha and the Red Hood is a 12Crystal phenomenon. There’s a familiar element in the game with the Alpha Wolf teaming up with the Red Hood instead. In the story that everyone knows, it’s the contrary, but this team-up is a breath of fresh air. It also has different elements that are a pleasant surprise to people, like the guns and the action element.

From this, the Friday Free Spins promo is a probably unneeded element, but it’s also a welcome premium for players. What dimension does it add to this 12BET game? We’ll take a look at it and see if it works.

What Works for this 12BET Game

The GamePlay Studio game is a nice addition to all other slot machines that they’ve done so far, and for good reason. It adds a new twist to the already-familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood. Creatively enough, there are symbols on the reels that are connected to the story, yet somewhat made brand new.

The Wolf, instead of hunting Red Riding Hood, teams up with a somewhat mature hunter. You also have the familiar elements of the Scatter and the Wilds, which are there to help you win. If you’ve got the luck, you could make good payouts, aside from the 8 jackpot spins. That seems like a great way to make money in this casino slot.

Hello Friday—A Day to Keep

Fridays are reserved for relaxation and enjoyment, but it’s also time for some wins. 12BET has a promotion ongoing where 1,212 lucky winners will get cash-filled Fridays. The system randomly selects players who log on during a Friday; everyone gets a chance to win.

Active players will get notified of their lucky free spins at 12BET as soon as they log in. In case they want to get their Free Spins, what they have to do is to click on the notification as soon as they see it.

Does It Work?

Alpha and the Red Hood is easy to win, and it’s worth it to use your free spins. This is true if you’re looking to win a lot on slot machines. If you’re also pretty lucky at the slots, you’ll have no problem using these online casino slot free spins.

Alpha and the Red Hood not your fancy? Take a look at 12BET’s collection. There’s a game for everyone in there.