Enjoy Unlimited 0.6% Cashback with 12Ruby’s Dragon Tiger

Enjoy Unlimited 0.6% Cashback with 12Ruby’s Dragon Tiger

Asian-themed slots are big in the gaming industry now and 12BET has some Aces up their sleeves, so to speak. To corner this market, they’ve developed Dragon Tiger, their own personal take on the famed Chinese characters of mythology—the Tiger and the Dragon.

It was supposedly an original from Cambodia but has become popular, perhaps thanks to the promos that has been connected to it. Let’s take a look at some basic rules, the promos, and see whether it would make sense to play it.

The Rules of the Dragon and the Tiger

The rules of this 12Ruby game is pretty simple. You receive two cards, one directed at the Dragon, the first betting position available on the table. The other goes to the position of the Tiger. If the Dragon or the Tiger receives the higher card, then the player who assumes that position wins.

You place your bets on the Dragon, Tiger, or the Tie, which is as it says. When you have the highest card, you win in Dragon Tiger, regardless if you have any kind of suit. You can also place Side Bets.

The Promo—a Welcome Bonus

If you choose to play this game, you won’t only have the jackpots and your winnings to rely on. There are some pretty pennies to win if you’re a 12BET slots online player. You can pretty much play and win a 100% Bonus plus 50 Free Spins if you’re a lucky club member.

You just have to be a member of a 12BET club–anything goes, whether you’re a 12Ruby, 12Crystal, 12Quartz, 12Amber, or 12Sapphire member. Whatever your club is, it means you have a great chance to be a winner, regardless whether you’re down on your luck or on a winning streak.

What These Features Make of the 12BET Game

If you’re thinking about playing this game, you probably wouldn’t regret it. First off—if you’re a great Dragon Tiger player, the odds are evenly placed and you won’t go home empty-handed on a good day. You might even go home with a considerable haul if you’re lucky.

There are probably other great promos out there too, but you’re already in good hands with the 100% Welcome Bonus and the slot free spins cashback—not that there are slots here. Just make sure that you’re a member of the aforementioned gaming clubs, and you wouldn’t go home without something for your effort.