Entering the Mystic Hive–What to Expect from this 12Amber Game

Entering the Mystic Hive–What to Expect from this 12Amber Game

There is something about Halloween that attracts the mystical and the weird. If that’s right up your alley, then you’ll love the Halloween series of Betsoft slots as well as Mystic Hive, the online slot machine from the developer.

To be sure, it’s not that hard to play but the question remains—can you really include this slot in your playlist? We’ll take a look at a combination of the promos and what players can get from this game. Then we’ll take a distant look at the game and see if it’s something that can be included among the best online slot machines.

Sticky Bets, Nectars, and Free Spins

There’s a lot you should like in this game. It’s a game that’s all about the mystic side of beehives and insect kingdoms. You’ve got your Sticky Bet, which lets you keep symbols as you spin them. You also have your Wild, replacing any symbol to give you bigger chances of creating a higher-paying combination.

You’ve also got your Firefly symbols, which gives you different bonuses. The Green one can help you get Nectars for free spins. The Yellow one is a stacking multiplier, while the Red one also fills the Violet Nectar meter. It’s kind of simple to figure that you need these fireflies to build your Nectar wins.

The 12Amber Halloween Special in Prizes

If you’re looking for more reasons to play 12Amber, then do it during October, where there’s a Halloween treats promo going on! See the 12Amber review of this and other games and decide which one you want to play. There is a list of participating games on the 12BET Halloween Treats promo page.

You only need to log on to your 12Amber club to win prizes of up to 20,400! Select any game from the list—including Mystic Hive—and enjoy a reward to be given to the top 25 players.

Anything “Mystic” About This Game?

The great thing about Mystic Hive online is that you’ll be getting a RTP of 96.13%. If you partner that with the features, as well as the high volatility in this game, then you’re looking at one of the best 12BET betting games out there!


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