Eternal Damnation to Winless Play or Salvation by Jackpot with 12Amber Blood Eternal!

Eternal Damnation to Winless Play or Salvation by Jackpot with 12Amber Blood Eternal!

October is a season where malicious fun and mischief reigns supreme. During Halloween, you have all sorts of discussion on the macabre and supernatural. You’ve got your witches, zombies, monsters, wizards, warlocks, as well as vampires and werewolves. That seems to be the topic of 12Amber casinos’ Blood Eternal.

This online casino game is supernatural in nature and features Gothic-style gameplay, as well as the story of a vampire couple closely resembling Dracula and his princess. We’ll be sinking our teeth deep into this casino review and we’ll take a look whether the vibrance of this online slot is for real, or it is only an illusion, a ruse designed to make us play.

Dare to Enter the Halloween Treats Challenge?

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Enter the Castle in this 12Amber Game

This 2017 online slot features a vampire couple, locked in an eternal embrace, while waiting for you in their castle. If you’ve ever played such games like Castlevania or even the Von Carstein campaign in Warhammer, there are parallels to those games and this. 

The slot itself features 30 pay lines to build your wealth, along with 6 reels. It shouldn’t be very hard to procure wins here, considering that the game has a 95.29% RTP. and an online game which features scatters, wilds, and free spins.

Lucky players may even go home with a big jackpot of 965,620 coins. You can still play and go home with a decent amount of money if you know to play the high-paying symbols. The bat, gargoyles, crosses, and the holy water bottles should be enough of a hint.

The Good and the Bad

It does look like this game, selectable from the 12BET home page, is one that you should play whether you’re a beginner or a veteran. It could be hard getting free spins in this page, along with some issues, but those are minor. If you love your graphics and your decent payouts, then this game is for you!


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