Experience the Best Party in the World Winning Jackpots in 12Quartz Heart of Rio

Experience the Best Party in the World Winning Jackpots in 12Quartz Heart of Rio

With the New Year fast approaching, there’s never a better time to celebrate ala-Carnaval in Rio. Take a dive on the online slot machine scene by playing one of Pragmatic Play’s jackpot slots, the Heart of Rio. It’s a take on the best celebration that Brazil has to offer.

Let’s take a trip down the streets of Rio on the reels and see if there’s something to like about this online slot machine. Does it have what it takes to become one of 12Quartz’ best slots? Let’s get down to business trying to see whether the combination of 12BET’s finest promos and the software’s own features does the trick.

Catching Up to Christmas

There’s something special with this year’s Christmas promos courtesy of 12BET! Join in on the fun with the Santa’s Wonderland promo. You have your choice of two features here from the software platform—you can choose to play in the Cash Drop promo or join in on the Tournament.

If you choose to play in the different slot machine games to avail of the Tournament promo, you’re looking at receiving the top prize for your highest possible single spin amount. If you’re joining in on the Cash Drop promo, you’d better play your best to get the top prize of the highest multiplier.

Making The Best Out of This 12Quartz Slot’s Promos

If you plan on playing this online slot, you’ve got some icons to target; the carnival princess with the red headdress is a Wild symbol and can help you get glitterball money symbols. These symbols have random values, including the elusive jackpot.

If you want to go for other bonuses, you have the Collect series as a good money-making feature. There are different collects—the Extra Credit Collect adds more value to money symbols before collecting, while there is also an Expanding Collect, which expands to cover the whole reel before being collected. There are also Multiplier and Respin Collects as well.

Party in Rio—Is It Really a Party?

The Heart of Rio online slot machine can help any beginner down on his luck bounce back. There are a lot of symbols to collect in this 12BET casino game, and you can make a strategy to gather as much to win a possible 10,500x multiplied jackpot.


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