Experience the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous in 12Topaz That’s Rich

Experience the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous in 12Topaz That’s Rich

The lives of the rich and famous are always something to see and, let’s be true here, you’d love to experience how it’s like to be part of the 1%. Here’s a great slot online giving real money that provides a look at their life and times through the slots. 12Topaz’ That’s Rich gives players the chance to experience the life of the ultra-rich.

The rich only gets richer while the poor gets poorer, according to most people. But is that the case with players that choose this online casino slot?Let’s take a look and judge whether players do get a taste of the luxurious when they win 12Topaz slots like this game, or is it actually the opposite?

More of the Same means More Riches

Play’n GO’s games have the WIN SPIN feature and That’s Rich doesn’t differ at all. There are games like Spin Party and Pimped which also has this feature, and why fix it if it ain’t broke? When you hit 3 Scatters, you’ll also get 5 Free Spins in exchange, which may be why it’s a WIN.

You do have to contend with the standard card suit symbols that are low-paying. You can get a taste of the good life once you spin any of the symbols, from the Bank Notes, Cruise Lines, and Expensive Bags. There is enough room to do so as well; this slot machine has 5 reels with only 10 pay lines where you can roll your wins.

Hitting the Jackpot with Bonuses

There are different clubs that you can play slot games under, but only 12Topaz—among other clubs—gives you the chance to win what’s like an online casino jackpot. You can claim a bonus whenever you make a fresh deposit into your club’s wallet to pay slots.

You should click “CLAIM NOW” on the promotions page, where you’ll also make your deposit. You will be receiving a bonus in your account once your deposit is processed. It’s simple and you won’t even have to wait a long time to enjoy your bonus!

Playing for Luxury

This slot makes you rich in oh-so-many ways, but the best part perhaps is that it is one of the less volatile 12BET slots out there. In this slot, it’s not hard to experience how it’s like to experience becoming an elite. Of course, it’s still far-fetched to become rich based on this online slot machine alone, but the decent wins make for a decent experience.


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