Experience the Power of Jackpots in 12Emerald TipTop Totems Powerplay Jackpot

Experience the Power of Jackpots in 12Emerald TipTop Totems Powerplay Jackpot

There are a lot of things that’s said about the ancient society of the Aztecs, but they’re mostly known for the richness of their culture. They also disappeared almost all of a sudden, which is why they’re the topic of most games. Most of these games are found in the casinos, such as the 12Emerald online slot TipTop Totems.

Contrary to their history, the game is an online slot machine that promises a pretty fun time. You have your share of free spins coupled with a lot of fun prizes. Add some bonuses from the 12BET platform and you’ve got a game that lets you go home a winner. But let’s focus on the things needing focusing on and let’s see what’s good.

The 12Rewards Program

To play, you’ll have to be a member of a 12BET club, but the additional free spins and more with the 12Rewards program makes it worth it. Of course, you’ll need to maintain a certain amount of cash in your account, but the only other requirement is you have to be active.

Your activity and daily presence will be rewarded through a monthly-updated point system, which can also be multiplied by 2 or even by 3. There’s even a birthday bonus; with all the extra luck on your birthday, you can play and gain an additional point to your account at the same time. It’s almost as if there’s no other thing you can do but to enjoy.

A Familiar Theme for the Kings

Playtech isn’t new to working with the Aztec civilization as a backdrop for their games. The hugely popular slots online casino game Aztec Warrior Princess is an example. You have superb graphics to observe as you play, as well as the theme. You’ll be taken back to times of antiquity when the jungles of the Amazon played host to this civilization.

The RTP for this game stands at 96.56%. You could get back what you put in, if you will remember that a minimum of  0.20 is all you need to play up to a high of 1k credits. It’s not that hard to win and the way there is managed through fun. You’ll be able to get back your bets if you manage to land the 100x multiplier.

As Easy as They Say?

This Aztec-themed game is a staple in most online and real-life casinos, but whether it’s a good game or another feeder remains with the developer. Fortunately, the developer knows how to handle this, and the result is a fun and exciting game in TipTop Totems Powerplay Jackpot. If you’re looking for a game to introduce you into the 12BET gaming collection, this could be it.


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