Feel Like Playing an Anime Casino Slot Machine with 12Quartz Starlight Princess

Feel Like Playing an Anime Casino Slot Machine with 12Quartz Starlight Princess

Have you played any anime-themed casino online slots? That’s a big risk if you’re going to play something like that. Try out one of the riskiest Pragmatic Play games in Starlight Princess, a 12Quartz online slot that looks like it drew inspiration from the anime craze.

There are lots to take a look at in this online slot machine, but let’s focus on the important things. Aside from the basics of this 12Quartz live casino slot, we’re also going to take a look at the bonuses. These are the bonuses within the game as well as ones that are attached by 12BET.

Just In Time for Christmas

Any plans for playing during the Christmas holidays? Because when you do, 12BET has got something in store for you! Join the seasonal promotion by playing qualified games under the Santa’s Wonderland promo from 12BET and 12Quartz club.

If you plan to join the Santa’s Wonderland tournament, then you have to be at your luckiest. The best spinner with the highest single spin amount wins a prize, the most of which is 73,000 credits. Be sure to play only qualified games or you’ll stand to forfeit the prizes!

What to Expect from Starlight Princess

First off, this series of online slot machine games has no discernible wilds, although you do have some features like the Tumble Feature, which makes room for more winning symbols to appear by taking out all the previous winning icons. You also have the multiplier symbols, which gives you a random multiplier from x2 to x500.

There’s also an Ante Bet in this game. While there are no Wilds, you can also get Free Spins from this Ante Bet, which basically raises the stakes so you get a possible additional 25% on your jackpot. It’s not bad considering that Wilds do give you something more to build your fortune with.

The Thing with Starlight Princess

The thing with this game is that it is for the hardcore fans, the ones who love their games and anything anime. The Starlight Princess RTP isn’t something that most hardcore high-stakes players will smile at. If you want to play it, play it as a beginner—that’s when you’ll have your fun.


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