Fun Times with Food Slots and 12BET YumYum Powerways

Fun Times with Food Slots and 12BET YumYum Powerways

At first glance, the 12Quartz-listed game Yum Yum Powerways looks like something you’d see on the Switch or the PS4. It’s a little more than that—it’s a fun and modern online slot machine that gives you 6 reels to roll the jackpot, aside from providing a good return-to-player ratio.

Yum Yum Powerways is a great game, but is it really that great? That’s why we’ll be looking into this game’s ins and outs—the setup, how it plays, and what it really takes to win. Let’s take a look at the graphics and gameplay and see whether you’re going to love this game.

The Sweet Graphics

The screen of this game displays a cascading reel which is stacked with food that are sweet and salty. Think of it like a food truck of sweets. Honestly, food trucks do bring you yummy food for your tummy. This kind of food truck brings food for your wallet.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get hungry while you spin the wheels but focus on the symbols. The pizza, cake, burger meal, and other types of food are a great touch. You’ll also see pastries like doughnuts and what seems to be vegetable soup, but you should have a general assumption of which symbols have high value just by the looks of them.

The Gameplay and Important Slot Features

While you may be entertained by the graphics and presentation of this food-filled casino slot machine, you’re most certainly playing for the chance to go home with a significant amount of fortune. You’ll be having lots of chances to go home with significant winnings since there are 16,384 ways to win it. If you manage to land these symbols through those ways, there’s no reason to go home a loser.

You can get a few free spins, as well as hit the Winning Symbol Replacement feature. This feature removes certain symbols from the board and replaces them with new ones. While you may have a slim chance getting a winning symbol after the other, it’s more likely that you’ll always be taking out the low-value icons.

And the Final Say is…

If you’re a big fan of food, you shouldn’t play this game—you’ll only get even worse cravings! Kidding aside, Pragmatic Play pulled out all the stops in their creativity for this game. It’s also one of the better slot machines on the 12BET roster. If you’re having reservations, you can head over to Pragmatic Play for a demo play. If you want to spin the prizes as soon as possible, go right ahead!


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