Get Back at the Virus and Win Jackpots Playing 12Crystal’s Virus Invasion

Get Back at the Virus and Win Jackpots Playing 12Crystal’s Virus Invasion

Some people will argue that the current situation we’re having with the pandemic is no joke. While that is true, the Gameplay Interactive casino game Virus Invasion isn’t meant to poke fun at the current situation. It is a clear imitation of a mainstream Nintendo game, Dr. Mario.

Similar to that game, this slot machine online’s main goal is to dispose of as many viruses as your current bet will allow. Is it enough to give you a medicine in jackpot wins? We’re going to take a look at that, as well as what bonuses you can get during your session.

Gameplay Interactive Setting the Standard

The team at Gameplay Interactive have certainly outdone themselves with this unique take on the virus extermination theme. This 12Crystal review’s look at the game revealed that there is a possibility to create major fortune here with the Wilds, Respins, and Free Spins.

You have your Wild in the vaccine, which can substitute for all symbols save the specials as well. You also have a Scatter here, the White Cell superhero, which can land on the reels two, three, and four. Land all three of them and you are awarded a Free Spin bonus.

Cashing Out with the 0.6% Slot Games Cashback Promo

If you’ve never played in the 12BET casinos before, then you wouldn’t know about the various 12BET deposit bonuses available to its loyal players. One of those—and perhaps, one of the best—is the 0.6% Slot Games Cashback upgrade.

This is perfect especially when you’re in a lean moment on the slots. You can enjoy cashback rewards, no matter if you win or lose on the slots! From as low as 0.4% to as high as 0.6%, you won’t lose here. Just remember to be an active player of the 12BET slot casinos and you’re all set!

On the Virus’ Invasion

This Invasion is more of an invasion of moderate prizes with its 96.95% RTP clip. That’s already a solid rate for an online casino betting slot. The important thing with this specific slot is to have fun while winning and you won’t even notice your winnings getting big as time passes by!


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