Get More Wins Like Candies from a Pinata in 12Quartz Hot Fiesta

Get More Wins Like Candies from a Pinata in 12Quartz Hot Fiesta

Fiestas are perfect indicators of what a New Year’s celebration can be like. While it could be too Mexican, it is also indicative of how you celebrate when you finish a Pragmatic Play live casino game. Take a ride on the Mexican side and celebrate like it’s a piñata party with Hot Fiesta!

We’re going to see whether this could be one of the better slots out there enough to be listed among the best 12Quartz games out there. We’re gonna take a look at the bonuses from the developer, as well as the bonus features that 12BET has packaged for this slot.

First—The Promos as Offered by 12BET

Christmas is a fiesta, as celebrated in other parts of the world and in Mexico as well. Why not celebrate this joyous occasion by playing 12BET’s Santa’s Wonderland? Partake in everything this online slot machine has to offer by winning great prizes from the online casino!

You can try out Santa’s Wonderland Cash Drop if you want to multiply your single spin amount to greater heights or something befitting a jackpot casino online game. You could also go for the Santa’s Wonderland Tournament for a big amount. Either way, you stand to win a jackpot!

Second—On to the Slot

Upfront you can expect to win something in this game. You could try for the multiplier, which will give you a possible 5000x your bet. You could also try for any of the features in this game—the Wilds, the Free Spins, Ante Bets, and the Bonus Buys.

Everyone knows what Free Spins are, and the Ante Bet helps you get bigger wins on the reels. If you’re looking for other prizes, you could try the Bonus Buy if you’re a little down on your luck and you’ve got quite the amount of money already won.

The Conclusion of the Fiesta

If you want to try this 12BET Asia slot out, you’ve probably come to the right slot—if you’re a beginner, that is. This is a slot where you can receive lots of Wilds and Free Spins and that could play right into your plans of going home with a significant jackpot!


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