Go Sleuthing for Prizes and Jackpots in 12Topaz’ Sherlock and Moriarty

Go Sleuthing for Prizes and Jackpots in 12Topaz’ Sherlock and Moriarty

The iconic Sherlock Holmes has captured the imagination of people since it was first published by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His abilities as a detective, coupled with his cool intellectual battles with the dastardly Professor Moriarty, was forever a part of literary classics. They have also become immortalized in one of the best Microgaming slots.

Play on now and see how you can help Sherlock solve the many riddles and traps set for him by the evil Professor. Win while you’re at it too! In this slots casino review, we’ll also take a look at what promos are available for the 12Topaz club that you’re going to be playing on.

The Adventures of Sherlock Extended

The adventures of Sherlock almost ended back in the day when he and the equally brilliant Professor Moriarty had their epic battle. Fortunately, Sherlock lived on, and even on the reels, he does. The reel itself features 3 rows, 20 paylines to create your path to the jackpot, and 5 reels.

If you’re wondering what the symbols are on the reels this time around, you still have your standard card suites from the Ace to the King to encounter. There are, of course, characters from the series like Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson. The slot also comes at medium volatility with a slightly lower RTP of 92.1%.

The Welcome Bonus from 12BET

If you’re wondering about what promos can be had here, then it could be your call to sign up for the 12BET club. Playing on the 12Topaz casino club for the first time can give you a 100% bonus, win or lose! Sign up for this club to play Sherlock and Moriarty and make a fresh deposit.

If you’ve already made a deposit, click on the “CLAIM NOW” button and fill in the required details. Once you’re done, you’re going to get your bonus instantly. It’s that easy and simple to go home with a significant fortune!

What Makes It Worth Playing

Aside from this online casino slot machine having a 12BET live casino feel, you also have a mobile version for easy access. It’s a beautifully done video slot that does justice to the material. While the video slot machine is intended for first time players, casual spinners will also appreciate its easy-to-approach simplicity.


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