Have an Explosive Jackpot with 12Garnet’s BomBom Bot!

Have an Explosive Jackpot with 12Garnet’s BomBom Bot!

Most of the time, at the end of the week, you want to wind down and take things slow. Try some new things, get out of the house, take a trip. However, if you can’t go out of the house, you’d want to try something new—like, for instance, the 12BET game BomBom Bot.

Does Bomber Man ring a bell? Because this is precisely the game you’d remember if you see the titular bomb-flinging robot (MegaMan could come in at a close second). This is an online reel, though; we’ll take a closer look at what makes this online reel special.


What You’re Getting

When you play the 12Garnet game BomBom Bot, the similarities with other games ends where the big wins begins. The graphics are cool and a refreshing change from the traditional slots that you may even think you’re not playing with real money here.

But you are, and that’s clearly displayed on the bottom corner. The button for spinning is also clearly visible, as is the ‘Auto Spin’ button to the right. You’ll have no problems navigating this game.


Some Big Wins on the Way

You’ll also be playing this game simply because there are some big wins to be found in it. During a very fortunate playthrough, you might run into Wild and Free Spins. These alone can help you gain a substantial windfall of money simply because of all the chances you receive.

You should also see how Bom Bom Bot enters the fray. He will light up the reels—literally—with power-ups that come in the form of his bombs. There’s no way you’re getting a small prize once you’re done playing if he comes into the fray.


What is BomBom Bot

It’s clear that this is not like the normal table and card games you’ve played, but it has the potential to at least give you the mid-range of what you get in those games. It’s a nice casino game that has the wrappings of a mainstream game, featuring the pastiche of a beloved character. If you want a fresh change of pace in graphics without sacrificing the winnings you get, play BomBom Bot!


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