Implore the Aid of a God in the New Year – 12Topaz’ Odin Protector of Realms

Implore the Aid of a God in the New Year – 12Topaz’ Odin Protector of Realms

There is a lot that people are expecting in the New Year. You can see this by the sheer number of ‘[insert year here] please be good to me’ posts. The Odin: Protector of Realms slot can also be a reminder of how people once prayed to the All-Father for a good year ahead.

If you still haven’t found a worthy slot to play for the new year, this slot online from Flow Gaming may be just what you’re looking for. We know that you’re here to enjoy playing casino slots to the fullest, so we’re going to take a look at the various properties that make this reel a must-play.

A Collection of Features That Could Decorate Valhalla

If there’s one thing the 12Topaz-supported Flow Gaming is known for, it is its bravery in trying new things. The grid on which you play the online slot is in the shape of a hexagon, with the grid being 4x5x…well, you get the picture. The return-to-player ratio is at 96.2%.

You’ve got the chance to go home with 5000x your normal stake. You also have winning clusters of symbols which can help you get more wins. If you’re looking for 12Topaz slot specials like Wilds and Scatters, the Golden Sword is your wild in this game. There are also 7 modifiers here, which can help lead to more wins.

Playing for the Cashback Upgrade

If you’re looking for more wins, then you can expect 12BET to come to your rescue! Play the 0.6% Slot Games Cashback Upgrade promo and get the chance to go home with a significant amount of money. This is even if you’re not lucky on the reels!

All you need to do to win is to fill in your valid details at the promo page. Once that’s done, you can click on the SUBMIT button to start joining in on the fun. There’s a list of participating clubs available on the promo page as well.

Our Look at It

The game is truly something to tell the people back home, or at least, friends who are interested in getting started playing online slots. This 12BET slot machine online should be the perfect slot machine for people to get started with or would be great for those who want to try something new.


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