Is 12Quartz’ Bonanza Gold Really Worth Its Weight in Gold?

Is 12Quartz’ Bonanza Gold Really Worth Its Weight in Gold?

The gold rush happened in the Wild, Wild West and this seems to serve as the inspiration for the modern-day gold rush in an online casino. Whatever your rush is, you have a chance to find it in the 12Quartz game Bonanza Gold, another excellent online slot game from Pragmatic Play.

It has all the elements you could ever want in a ‘gold rush’ game of sorts. From the prospector’s pickaxe to dynamite (hopefully to blast away low-paying symbols), we’ll take a look to see if this online slot does strike gold. There are other elements and gameplay material that we’re also taking a look at, then we’ll decide whether this is one of the better slots in the 12Quartz line up.

First Things First: The Gameplay

Most would love to strike gold on the first turn in this slot, but to do that, you have to get eight or more symbols on the reels. The prizes come soon after and, if you’re really lucky, you get to uncover the ‘Golden Jackpot’ of this game. The easy part is that you don’t even need to line up symbols to strike a prize—they only need to be on the reels at the same time.

That’s only one of the ways to win in this 12BET casino slot online. Bonanza Gold is perfect for both small and high-stakes players. The bet multiplier is also a good feature, going from a low of 2x to a high of 100x or more. You can potentially get a return of 21,000x your bet, if you’re super lucky on the reels.

Painting Pretty Pictures of Wins

To line up wins, you’ll have to get familiar with the symbols in this game. There are a lot of them, in the guise of gems that miners usually dig up in mines. There are 30 positions on the reels where players could ‘mine’ these gems, so there’s really a lot of chances to win.

You should go for the Rubies as the top paying symbol. These are followed by Amethysts, Sapphires, and the ever-present poker cards. They are some symbols you should get but do note that these are the mid- to low-paying symbols.

Does it Go for Gold?

The good thing about this 12BET game is that it takes on all comers. It doesn’t really matter what kind of player you are, whether you casually bet or you go for the big time; you’ll still get your fair share of jackpots. You can choose your stake and still win big if you’re lucky, which makes this online reel a winner.


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