It’s Never Too Late for Christmas with 12Topaz’ Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom

It’s Never Too Late for Christmas with 12Topaz’ Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom

Any serious casino player would not appreciate the themes that their online casino slot has, but the Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom slot seems not to care, not one bit. This Flow Gaming slot machine makes the player pine for the nostalgic feeling bought about by shoujo anime such as Sailor Moon.

There are a lot of 12BET online slots that are excellent at first glance, but possess rather unique qualities, as it turns out. Take a look at this slot and figure out whether it’s perfect for beginners or is aimed toward the risk-takers and big game hunter crowds. We’ll be taking a look at the features and more.

The Features of the Moon Princess

Technically, the Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom online slot machine is as close as it can be to the famous shojo anime. Even the themes and some of the features of this online slot alludes to such. You can try out the Girl Power Feature, which may give you one of three modifiers namely Love, Star, and Storm.

Most of those symbols can be considered Wilds; if you’re looking for Scatters in the game, you can try out a Flow Gaming demo slot and see the Trinity Feature, which gives you multipliers. You can also see here if the Free Spins are as beneficial as advertised to players rolling the reels for the first time.

The Slot Games Cashback Upgrade Promo

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The Final Say

As some players may already know, this 12Topaz slot demo enriched slot is the Christmas version of Moon Princess. It’s a nice clone and all. The original is still miles better, but it has its charm. It’s a worthy offering for players looking for online slots in 12BET!


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