It’s the Man of the Hour Delivering Jackpots in 12Quartz’ Santa

It’s the Man of the Hour Delivering Jackpots in 12Quartz’ Santa

It’s the time of year when people are out and are in good cheer. It’s finally Christmas! There’s something magical about this season that makes people just a bit more cheerful. It’s this spirit that 12Quartz casinos’ Santa is hoping to get from the season.

If you find yourself in need of a good time on the slots during the holiday season, why not try out this online slot? It’s one of the online slot machine games that had been made for this time of the year, but it may be one that’s genuinely good enough to play. Join us on our review.

Santa’s Trip Through the World, Done on the Slots

On Christmas day, people want to use their time to enjoy. They can go over to 12Quartz and try to win through the Santa slot, a 5-reel, 20 pay line online video slot. It has enough spirit to remind you of the season and enough game to give you reasons to play it through the season.

You’ve got a Wild, Bonus, and Scatter symbol here in the Santa, Gift, and Christmas Tree icons. Rolling these can either give you a substitution for symbols that don’t give you good wins, access to a jackpot or bonus game, and a trigger for Free Spins, respectively.

Playing for the Christmas Wins

If you’re still a bit unlucky enough not to win anything, then you could totally go for the Santa’s Wonderland promo! All you have to do to get this Pragmatic Play easy win is to choose between the Santa’s Wonderland Tournament or the Santa’s Wonderland Cash Drop.

If you go for the tournament, you’ll have to compete with others to get the best score on the reels. Winning this gives you a jackpot in earnings, that is, if you’re part of the top rank of players who manage to spin good games.

Wait for Next Christmas to Play?

There’s nothing wrong with this slot so far, in that it can give players searching for the 12BET bonus code an extra jackpot to win on the reels. With the right mix of a medium variance and a decent RTP in the 95% range, this is an excellent slot to play on your downtime during the most wonderful time of the year!


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