Keep Piling on the Money with 12Quartz’ Piggy Bank Bills

Keep Piling on the Money with 12Quartz’ Piggy Bank Bills

There are a lot of Piggy Bank Bills casino games—or at least, there are a lot of games that look like it. It’s something that cannot be avoided, especially when you’ve got a formula that works. That’s what’s been happening with Piggy Bank Bills from Pragmatic Play.

This online casino game from the developers promises a different brand of play from all the other ‘Piggy Banks’ though. To satisfy your curiosity, we’re going to take a look at how this game becomes different from all the tried-and-tested piggy bank themed games out there.

Enjoying the Winter Wonderland Daily Wins

One thing that’s good about playing at the 12BET casino is to get more bonuses courtesy of the 12Quartz club! Play through the Daily Wins in Santa’s Wonderland promo. Choose from either the Santa’s Wonderland Tournament or the Santa’s Wonderland Cash Drop.

If you choose play the tournament then you’d better be prepared to win the highest single spin amount you can. Prizes can go from 365 credits to a high of almost 73,000. To see which games belong on the list, visit the promo page.

A Basic Slot for Great Gameplay

If you’re planning to play Piggy Bank Bills, know that it’s a highly volatile slot and it has the features you could be looking for. This could be one of the best Pragmatic Play casino games for these: the Piggy Wilds, the Piggy Win, and the Piggy Bonus.

The Piggy Bonus is when a piggy substitutes for a symbol to help players to win the Free Spins bonus. Meanwhile, the Piggy Win is a more assured version of the Piggy Bonus as it helps you win by changing two icons. Lastly, the Piggy Wilds is that—2, 3, or 4 more wilds placed on the slots to help you win.

What Could Be Right About It?

Highly volatile slots aren’t famous for the reason that you could lose as much as you could win, and that’s true with Piggy Bank Bills. The reason why it becomes one of 12Quartz best slots is because of the creative way it helps players—both casual and high stakes—win on the reels.


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