More Celebrations into the Year of the Tiger with 12Topaz’ The Lucky Twins

More Celebrations into the Year of the Tiger with 12Topaz’ The Lucky Twins

More than just the theme of Chinese fortune, these series of 12BET slot machines love to point out different elements of luck in the culture. From mythical dragons to actual cats, they also love how Twins are supposed to bring luck and prosperity to people.

If you’re playing to win, then you’d better hope that the 12Topaz casino gets taken over by the luck held by the Lucky Twins. We’re going to take an up, close, and personal look at this online slot and see if there’s something to keep you coming back. 

An Extremely Basic, Simple Slot

If you’re a player who wants nothing else but the extreme basics in your online slots, then you’ve picked the right simple slot machine to play. You’ve got about 9 pay lines here but you’ve also got the option to only use 1. If you want to maximize your wins, though, it is recommended that you make full use of all of them.

The symbols are also increasingly simple. The Twins are, of course, the best symbol since they are used as Wilds. You have them appearing in reels 2, 3, or 4 to replace all regular symbols. The Gold Ingot, meanwhile, is the Scatter, which pays out no matter what position it is found on the reels, and you’ll also need to create a 3-symbol combination to win.

 Getting the Cashbacks for More Luck

Anyone playing in the 12BET platform will attest to the fact that the online casino provider is generous with their online slots promos. Get a portion back of what you bet with the 0.6% Slot Games Cashback promo from 12BET!

It’s so easy to join. Simply fill-up your details in the promo page, then click on “SUBMIT” to confirm your participation. When you’re confirmed, you just need to play as usual and bet on as many games in your Casino club of choice. The list of participating clubs can be seen in the promo page.

A Simple Slot for Simple Players

Microgaming slots don’t have an identity crisis as to what they are, and the slot Lucky Twins doesn’t masquerade as some other slot but a simple one. They have an idea on how to make a game that caters to all players, although this one looks better played by those only starting out with casinos.


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