Pile Up on your Luck with the Stacked Online Slot

Pile Up on your Luck with the Stacked Online Slot

One of the better experiences when playing an online slot is playing on an aesthetically pleasing one. This is what you’ll expect when you play Stacked, the online slot machine from Betsoft. Betsoft is a developer known for their visually enticing games, and this online slot machine is a great addition to their stable.

What does the magician hide under those sleeves in this relatively new game? We’ll take a look at all those: the pictures that make it look like a mainstream PC game, the great prizes, and other elements. This is to decide if this game is worth playing or not.

The Quick First Impression

If you’ve got your slot machine choices, you’ll want to add this game to your list. There is an abundance of symbols and other images that makes it a must-play slot machine. Don’t get things wrong, though; this game is one for the casual players. If you’re a serious slot machine player, you might get blinded by the high hit rate and the regularly triggered bonuses, but you’ll want to keep your expectations low.

A Gaming Feature That’s A-Plenty

There are a lot of things you can expect to spin when playing this 12 Opal listed game, though. Be sure to look out for chances to hit the Secret Trick. That may be a bit hard, since it’s randomly spun. There are also Mystery Cards to look out for.

The prizes you get for hitting these icons are great as well. You could wind up having x2, x3, or x4 Magical Multipliers on your bet. You can also stumble upon an Instant Win Prize that gives out 5x, 10x, or 20x the total bonuses when landed. It all depends whether you can get lucky enough to roll them.

The Graphics

Are the graphics in this game enough to get you spinning? It’s quite possible but is never guaranteed. Those who love fantasy and magic, though, will find this game very inviting. If that’s your cup of tea, then you’ll want to play this reel.

If you’d rather choose other games, you’ll want to search for more Betsoft slots. They’re known for having visually stunning online slots, and this slot machine is no different.

Is it Magical?

You can never have too many online slot machines to choose from and Stacked is another great choice from Betsoft. If you want to play a simple game but one that’s exciting as well, you won’t go wrong with this 12BET online slot.


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