Playboy Baccarat—Play 12BET’s Game or Get Played

Playboy Baccarat—Play 12BET’s Game or Get Played

Whenever you’re playing live casino, you’d want the live experience to come at your doorstep—or, in this case, your lap. That’s why you’d probably look for online casinos with live dealers, but if you’d want to get the FULL experience, then you won’t go wrong if you go for Playboy Live Baccarat, a Microgaming Baccarat variant.

This particular Microgaming development has obviously been made for the male persuasion, but what else makes this a baccarat game to be tried out? Let’s take a closer look at it (not too close, though) and see if it has the right stuff that’ll keep us coming back.

Seriously—Video Quality is Superb

It might be a bit surprising to know that there are female players enamored with 12Topaz’ Playboy Baccarat but not for the obvious reasons—it’s because of the video quality. A superb observation would also reveal that features like Player and Banker Pair, as well as Dragon Bonus side bets, are good incentives to come back.

It’s obviously designed for the male persuasion with the female dealers, but you’ll still find the occasional female player betting on the game or creating a few bets. The user interface is easy to use and you’ve also got other features like the Player and Banker Pair, as well as the Dragon Bonus side bets.

A Bonus from 12BET

If you find it enjoyable playing Live Playboy, you can go ahead and play in 12BET’s platform and enjoy a bonus! There are different clubs to be a member in, but these members receive 50% of bonus in their account.

All you have to do is to create an account 12BET. You need to make a deposit first then click “Claim Now”. Once you check for the bonus, it will be credited instantly upon successful processing of your deposit.

12BET’s Bonuses and More

Live Playboy Baccarat is one of the many games you can consider if you want to go on a Baccarat challenge. If you can do it then you’d be unstoppable! Try out Live Playboy Baccarat, you’ll be on a roll if you can do it even with your eyes closed.


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