The Winning Spin of 12Emerald Live Spin-A-Win

The Winning Spin of 12Emerald Live Spin-A-Win

In any casino, you won’t go wrong if you take time to tempt chance and fate by spinning the wheel. Many online casinos realize this, hence the presence of many different versions of the popular ‘Wheel of Fortune’ type of games.

Playtech’s Spin-a-Win is another take on this popular game of chance that’s available on the 12BET Playtech platform. The basics are straightforward—you step up, place your hand on the wheel (or have someone do it for you) and pray to the gods of chance to grant you a good haul. If you’re not so fortunate, you can try again.

Spin-a-Win follows the popular formula of having a presenter do the spinning for you, in contrast to how Wheel of Fortune-type games are played in other online casinos. Let’s look at how Playtech’s formula fares.

The Basics – The Wheel

The wheel in Spin-A-Win is separated into different segments, 53 in all. There are 6 numbers – 1,2,5,10,20, and 40. The excitement is added through the 2 multiplier symbols at an amount of 2x and 7x, which are spread through the 53 spaces.

Each number appears differently on the wheel a few times. The number 1 pays Even Money and appears 23 times; Number 2 can be rolled 15 times with a pay of 2:1; the number 5 is on 7 times and has a pay of 5:1, while number 10 appears 3 times and pays 10:1.

Furthermore, there is number 20, which appears twice and pays 20:1 and number 40 which appears one time and has a pay of 40-1. There are 21 even numbers overall while there are 30 odd numbers.

Multiply your Winnings

Players will have to be extra lucky to spin the x2 and x7 multipliers. Here’s how it works:

If you manage to land on a x2 multiplier with a bet of $1 on 2, you’ll receive $4 back. In this same instance, if you land on a hard to spin, incredibly rare consecutive multiplier, then you’ll get a windfall in terms of winnings.

The Verdict

The way the wheel plays, the 12Emerald Spin-a-Win is a very profitable Wheel of Fortune game. The presenters are a make-or-break element, which could also be the reason why you would come back, or not. The presentation—that of the game in a live studio—is a nice addition as well.


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