Poking the Big Win with 12Topaz’ Casino Arcade Poke the Guy

Poking the Big Win with 12Topaz’ Casino Arcade Poke the Guy

Fans of Japanese games like them for a reason; they’re fun and they do have very fantastical elements. Those can be clearly seen in Poke the Guy, a 12Topaz listed creation that appears to be the farthest from a standard online slot machine. That says a lot for a game that’s supposed to be simple.

While there are some pretty good catches if you play the game, we’ll be exploring it and see if it is really worth adding to your casino gameplay collection. We’ll take a look at the gameplay and the graphics, as well as the benefits you receive if you play it while a member of the 12Topaz casino game club.

A Pretty Wholesome Twist on a Casino Slot

It’s kind of hard to classify Poke the Guy. It’s a casino reel, but there’s no suggestion of a ‘reel’ anywhere in the game. You just choose whatever object you want to use to Poke the very annoying Guy. You’ve got your pick of a rubber duckie, a knife, and a suspicious pink, smelly substance. Once you’ve picked your choice, you just need to be accurate enough to catch the Guy.

If you manage it, there’s a big chance you can receive the 15K maximum credits. If you’re not so lucky, you could break-even; there’s a RTP of 94.89% in this entertaining game. The major objective, as it appears, is to actually create chances to get the Guy. You get prizes for your effort.

A Little Something for your Trouble

The 12VIP system governs the prizes given away simply by playing the online arcade slot casino game Poke the Guy. In this case, you’ll be receiving a 100% Welcome Bonus just by signing up. It can be worth thousands if you choose any of the available clubs, like 12Topaz.

Aside from getting bonus top-ups (these will help you save some money instead of using it to top-up), you’ll also gain access to different points, which can be traded away for various prizes. You’ll also be receiving an immediate bonus in the form of 50 free spins, a boon if you’re a reel casino fan.

Head Over to 12BET

If you want a truly creative game or a different experience, Poke the Guy could be the game you’re looking for. Microgaming surely pulled out all the stops in going overly creative with this zany game. To try it out, visit 12BET and create an account to get started on your casino journey.


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