Questing for the Holy Grail of Jackpots in 12Emerald’s Wild Crusade Empire Treasures

Questing for the Holy Grail of Jackpots in 12Emerald’s Wild Crusade Empire Treasures

The Crusades were a contrasting tale of heroism and treachery on both sides. While that made it a dark part of history, one thing remained true: that there were a lot of treasures which changed hands during the time and inspired the Wild Crusade: Empire Treasures slot machine from 12Emerald.

It’s one of the better Playtech games in terms of treasures and basic design, but what else does it really have to hold your appeal? Join us as we take a look at the basics, as well as at the rewards, and decide whether this is a game for those who want to play casual or for those who want to play to win big.

The Bounty for the Crusade

The Crusades were done with the purpose of freeing the Holy Land from the ‘infidels’, but you don’t have to go through that quest to enjoy these special Playtech promos! Enjoy unlimited cashback on your games when you subscribe to the No Claim 12Emerald Exclusive Cashback!

To win more cashbacks up to 1% unlimited, you should play more in the 12Emerald platforms. Remember that the more slot games you play in the club, the more cashbacks you earn. The cashback will be automatically credited into your account as long as you’ve met the minimum payout requirements.

On to the Crusades

As you’ve guessed it, the Wild symbols in this game are connected in some way to the Crusades. The sword Wilds help boost any wins they create up to 5x. There are also other Wilds on a reel and these could be a viable strategy for you; get any five of them on a pay line and you stand to win x2000 your bet.

Aside from Wilds, you also get a chance to make the most out of these games through respins. These online casino bonus can help you create bigger wins. You can get a series of free respins on the reels, while the Wilds move one square to the side until they disappear.

Teetering on the Sword’s Edge

Even with these features, you get to enjoy a game which has a good combination of graphics and wins. It’s more for the casual playing crowd, though. Be sure to check out the 12Emerald live casino for more online slots you can win jackpots from!


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