Reviewing an Online Review: The Greek Jackpots in 12Amber’s Take Olympus

Reviewing an Online Review: The Greek Jackpots in 12Amber’s Take Olympus

We’ve previously done reviews on Take Olympus, an excellent slot machine games online from 12Amber. Followers of the mythical gods of Mount Olympus, led by the mighty Zeus, will love how they’re presented in this online slot machine. 

Take a look at this online casino game once again and decide once and for all if it’s something you need to include in your frequently played list. We’re also going to take a look at which promos we can get while playing this game, and what prizes we’re going to get.

What You’ll Be Getting

The Take Olympus online slot machine has 5 reels for you to navigate your way to the prizes. If you’re familiar with the review of this slots’ free spin, then you’ll know that there are unique symbol for you to make your jackpot with. Obviously, the symbols you’ll go for consists of member of the Greek pantheon.

To give you an idea, you’ll be faced with Zeus holding a lightning bolt, his brother Poseidon and his famous trident, or their other brother, Hades, with a head of Cerberus. Two other gods joining them are Apollo and his bow and arrow as well as Aphrodite with a plant—perhaps her famous tree as a seedling.

More Free Spins for You

If you’ve tried out these online slot machines, then you’ll know that Fridays are special days. During those days, you can avail of Free Spins aside from 12Amber Free Spins that you can get on the slots. We call it the Friday Free Spins for the 1212 lucky winners.

These winners are selected at random and will get their free spins as soon as they get settled after logging in. They will also be receiving a notification indicating their lucky. You only need to click on these notifications to receive your free spins but take note: You only have them to use before the next Friday.

Taking on Olympus

The verdict is out on this online slot and any fan of Greek mythology will love what 12Amber and 12BET has in store for them. You also need to review your 12BET deposit methods if you want to play; otherwise, you’ll be enjoying the jackpots from this slot.


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