Santa’s Shop is Up for Grabs in 12Amber’s Take Santa’s Shop!

Santa’s Shop is Up for Grabs in 12Amber’s Take Santa’s Shop!

The premise of taking or destroying Christmas for people (the decorations, perhaps, but not the season itself) has been a big thing for people. In 12BET’s platform, it is explored through the game “Take Santa’s Shop”. This is a take on the traditional ‘what if…?’ question of destroying Christmas or stealing it.

In this review of online slots, we’ll take a look to see whether this could become a part of gaming lists for people everywhere. We’re also going to take a look at the rewards and, finally, decide whether this is a reel worth playing or if it’s fit for beginners only. 

A Newer Slot from BetSoft

Short of going ahead of the season, Take Santa’s Shop ponders the question of a thief—can he really steal from the famous Workshop and make off with Christmas? The game itself is a 5-reel, 75 pay line creation from BetSoft, and it’s also one of the newer slots from the 12Amber-listed developer.

There are a lot of things to like in this game. There’s a 10-spin cycle progression which lets you play and build your wealth in rounds. The red ornament ball in the corner is your counter. You also have your pick of features like the Santa’s Sleigh Spins, which acts as a Scatter, and the Wild Bombs, which is—you guessed it—the game’s Wild.

Christmas and Halloween Don’t Mix—or Do They?

Remember the movie “Nightmare before Christmas?” This promo from 12Amber gaming may be a little like that. When you play games on the platform during this season, you can participate in this promo that awards players a high of up to 20,400! Just choose any of the selected BetSoft games to participate. A list is available on the promo page.

Each round, 25 players are selected, and the players with the highest turnover or wins are given the prizes! There are also chances to win big since all the best scores from participating slots are counted. So, what are you waiting for?

Ah, Yes—The Verdict

In this review of a slot online, you’ll get more from the designs, as BetSoft is known for. The added bonuses from the Buy-In feature button are a great way to make sure you’ll make off with lots of money. All in all, it’s a decent slot, one that big-game hunters might even appreciate.


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