Scorch Your Way to Prizes in 12Quartz’ Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire

Scorch Your Way to Prizes in 12Quartz’ Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire

Dragons were once thought to have existed in times long in the past. They were known for their destructive prowess, but quite a lot of other dragons were also famous for their benevolence. The Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire slot machine could possess one or the other, depending on how you play.

If you’re looking for one of iSoftBet’s best slots, join us as we give this online slot machine a spin. Is it something that would sate your jackpot appetite or leave you wanting? We’re going to review this slot machine’s basic features, as well as the bonuses attached to it.

A Gift from 12BET 

When you’re finding it hard to win on 12BET’s online slots, you shouldn’t be too worried. The casino platform offers a gift to you through Weekly Rewards of Free Spins! You can get up to 400 of a spinner’s best friend whenever you play on your 12Amber or 12Quartz club account.

Joining this promo is simple. All you have to do is to click SUBMIT to participate in the promo, then fill in your details when asked. You should spin as much as you can in the said clubs from Monday to Sunday. Be informed that you’ll also receive your Free Spin inclements when you play every Tuesday.

The Basics and the Features of the Dragon Kingdom Slot

In Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire, you can expect to play in medium to low volatility settings. You also play through a return-to-player rating of 96.5%, which should be respectable. What you stand to get on the reels are multipliers, the highest of which is a meager 20x your stake.

You should also expect to get the equivalent of a 12BET bonus in this slot machine—a Progressive feature. The aim is to collect dead or non-winning spins to receive multipliers. You can get any multiplier from as low as x5 or as high as x50, depending on how frequently you spin non-winners.

A Final Word

Like dragons, this online slot machine is pretty finicky when it comes to its prizes. Big-game hunters won’t find their games here, but beginners might like how safe they’ll feel when playing. There are other popular 12Quartz casinos games available in 12BET, if this is not your cup of tea.


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