See What’s Under the Bed in this 12Amber Online Slot

See What’s Under the Bed in this 12Amber Online Slot

Did you remember those times when you were a kid, trying to see if there really was a monster under the bed? Perhaps the developers at 12Amber wanted to bring that fear as they grew up. The online slot Under the Bed explores the fear that children the world over felt when looking under their beds.

The nature of the game is charming and whimsical and uses the signature 3D graphics that BetSoft has become famous for. There are a number of bonus features found here, but do you think those are enough to attract you to this game? Let’s take a look.

Playing with the Monsters Under your Bed

The game starts by letting you choose your wager to fit your style. Pressing the “Choose Coin” panel lets you select your denomination. You can then choose the “Bet Per Line” panel to set your bet. There are 30 paylines in this 12BET Asia game but you can also choose not do use them all; just select the “Lines” panel to set the amount.

The objective is to get matching symbols from left-to-right and win the jackpot. You do this by targeting different symbols, and if some of these gets a golden rim, then you’ll get a Wild for a random number of spins. If you manage to get a Mysterious Door symbol on the third reel, you stand to receive 12 Free Spins.

Enjoy Halloween Treats when Playing this Game!

Enjoy treats when playing Under the Bed during October! The 100 top 12BET players will be given the chance to win a sizable jackpot from the 1st to the 31st of October. Play on selected BETSOFT games to participate, using a minimum bet of 34 credits to qualify.

Each round, there are 25 players with the highest scores that will be selected. The tournament mechanics are based on the highest turnover of scores and players. This prize makes 12Amber slots give out the best online slot machine payouts for a limited time!

Does It Satisfy your Fears?

Childhood fears aside, this game from BetSoft isn’t something you’ll play if you want the big plays. It’s one of the 12Amber slots that are best suited to those beginning to get the hang of the game. It’s still nice to look at the graphics, plus the bonuses does make it worth it if you’re starting out or playing casually!


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