Shades of Immortal Jackpots in 12Quartz’ Brides of Dracula Hold & Win

Shades of Immortal Jackpots in 12Quartz’ Brides of Dracula Hold & Win

It is November and, just a few months removed from the Halloween season, there are still games that are chasing after the spirit of the event. Take a look now at what may be one of the iSoftbet best slots out there, the Brides of Dracula Hold & Win.

It has a lot of features that players would love, as well as other triggers where you can win free spins and other bonuses. Just how many bonuses can you win in this game? Let’s take a look and see if this game will give you the bonuses you’ve been craving.

A Look at the Brides of Dracula

It’s been said that it’s difficult to pull off casino slots online games with a theme centered in vampires and their lore. Dracula is a popular choice, but the Brides come at a distant second or so. The features here are Moon scatter symbols as well as Special Gems, which trigger a special bonus prize.

There’s a special hierarchy when it comes to the gems. It’s color-coded; you have the Blue Gem, which can unlock 3 extra rows on the same grid; the Green Gem, which increases the value of each moon symbol currently on; and the Red and Purple Gem, which awards an extra respin aside from delivering a multiplier, respectively.

An Extra Incentive

If you’re looking for something else to get you started on playing with the Brides online slot machine, then how about 400 free spins? You receive this through Weekly Rewards in a 12Quartz promo! Participate by using the 12BET link found on the promo page.

What’re you going to do with the free spins you get? Well, you have to use them! The promo is available to members of the 12Quartz and the 12Amber clubs from Monday to Friday. Remember to use up all the free spins in your account by Tuesday as it is refreshed during the said day.

What is the Verdict?

With all the available slots online, it gets hard to choose one that’s truly worth playing. With all the extra features of the Brides of Dracula Hold & Win, it’s definitely a correct decision to play it. If it’s not your cup of tea, though, then be sure to check out the other 12Quartz review we have on 12BET.


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