Shades of More Jackpots with 12Quartz The Amazing Money Machine

Shades of More Jackpots with 12Quartz The Amazing Money Machine

There are lots of online slots that can be played during the holidays, but none more exciting than Pragmatic Play casinos’ The Amazing Money Machine slot. This is a perfect partner for the holidays, if only because of the whimsical nature of the online slot machine.

Join us on this online review as we try to see whether it has the chance to become one of 12Quartz’ best slots—a little bit of a tall order, considering there are a lot of great online slot machines there. We’re also going to see whether the combination of basics + features from 12BET and the developer helps its cause.

The Basics of The Amazing Money Machine

Players will be welcomed by a 5 reel, 10 payline machine set in 3 roes. This can expand to 4 or even 5 rows, with the payline also increasing to 30 or even 60. It has a RTP (return-to-player) clip of 96.42% while you can receive 5100x your wager on a single spin.

There are also different Money symbols here that you can count on. The Money symbol is a good icon with a great cash value, while the Mystery and Wild Money symbols help you create wins through the Respins feature and the Wild bonus round, respectively. Lastly, you can also make a strategy spinning the Jackpot Money icon, which adds to a Jackpot meter.

Making the Best out of Santa’s Wonderland

There’s a lot of slot casino games to play in the 12Quartz club and the best part, perhaps, is to participate in the Santa’s Wonderland promo! You can play the Santa’s Wonderland Tournament or the Santa’s Wonderland Cash Drop, which are both very fine promos.

The Santa’s Wonderland Cash Drop lets you play for the highest multiplier, which can give you a x1000 multiplier for your wager. Meanwhile, the Tournament lets you play outright for a jackpot amount in prizes. Get to spinning and spin your best game to win!

What to Expect from this Steampunk Paradise

The steampunk genre has been making rounds recently and The Amazing Money Machine doesn’t hide that it’s another game of this genre. If you want to give it a try, head over to the 12BET Asia website and find out if this game is something you’ve been looking for.


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