Simple Wins and Great Lottery Jackpots in 12BET’s Keno Pro Max

Simple Wins and Great Lottery Jackpots in 12BET’s Keno Pro Max

Nothing beats the feeling of playing an exclusive or endorsing an original. In 12BET, bonus means playing an exclusive means playing Keno Pro Max, a true home-grown version of the famous lottery that the world has been playing since before these uncertain times.

In 12BET, it also means that there’s something different about this famous online lucky number lottery. Take a look at the 12BET online casino game and see for yourself why it’s a game that’s not meant to be played only when there’s nothing else to play—it’s something you need to play to win and win big.

What Keno Pro Max is About

Inspired by the lotteries, Keno Pro Max originates from China and found itself on the 12BET platform. It’s also said to have been part of history—or at least, under a different name. That ancient form of the lottery was allegedly instrumental for the funds needed to build and sustain construction on the Great Wall of China.

History aside, Keno’s main objective is based on guesswork. Players bet on numbers which they think will appear once a draw has been conducted. Keno is simple enough to play and for this reason, it’s become one of the most beloved and most played lotteries in the world.

Keno Promotions—A Little Something Extra

Feeling super lucky or want to get something else aside from the in-game jackpot? There are some promotions tied up with the Keno app. Something as basic as signing up can give you double the cash courtesy of the 12BET platform!

Be it on the app or with 12BET’s online platform, you only need to register an account and make a deposit. Once it’s confirmed, you should click on the “CLAIM NOW” button on the promo page. You’ll receive your bonus instantly upon processing of your initial deposit.

Worth It to Play Keno?

Keno is as simple as trying to bet on certain numbers and hoping that they would win. When you pick a lucky number in 12BET Keno, you stand not only to win the standard prize—you might also get double the jackpot thanks to the online bonus. Get playing Keno Pro Max today!


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